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IPS KalyxX

A patented Swiss product with unique IPS technology!

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Easy-to-install & maintenance-free

No electricity required

For indoor or outdoor use

2 Year Warranty 

and a life of 10 years

About us


KK IMPEX is a Trading, Export & Import firm, concentrating on exclusive Sanitary, plumbing, Unique & innovative water descaling devices (Swiss Aqua Technologies), international interior furnishing products etc. We also facilitate export & import functions in the above and other fields like, fabrics, organic & special food products, agro based research products, building products, ethnic & handicraft products.


KK Impex is the Pan – India Master Distributor and exclusive importer for Swatec Products in India

Ion Polarization system

We Keep Top Notch Products

IPS Kalyxx Red Line

Reduces creation of limescale on water supply elements by new patented technology TGP®– Turbulent Galvanic Polarisation . -  efficiency of 76%.

IPS Red Line

IPS Industry

Reduces creation of limescale on water supply elements – no chemicals, no external energy. The use of IPS Industry is effective and suitable for any type of business that uses running water.

IPS Industry

IPS WashBall

IPS WashBall effectively change hard crystals of calcite to aragonite. This cause the water to act like softer, which as a result increase washing efficiency of all detergents and protect your washing machine from limescale.

IPS WashBall

Optim Flush

OptimFlush creates a next generation of the toilet. Tank less toilet without external power supply, with extremely low water consumption fulfilling the strictest parameters of current technical standards and regulations with focus on maximum simplicity and reliability of the system.

Optim Flush

IPS Kalyxx Blue Line

Reduce creation of limescale on water supply elements – no chemicals, no external energy. Reduce the amount of bacteria Escheria coli up to 40%. Suitable for drinking water

IPS Blue Line

IPS Kalyxx Green Line

Designed for garden irrigation systems and water distribution.
Faster germination and promoting plant growth.

IPS Green Line

Pedicure Shower

The Pedicure Shower is designed for the easy, safe and fast removal of hard skin on the feet. It can be done after every bath or shower and gently removed skin is immediately and cleanly washed away.

Pedicure Shower

IPS KalyxX Active

KalyxX Active is built on our Ion Polarization System supplemented with magnets that enhance the effect of the device.

Reduces the formation of scale in water systems with confirmed efficiency of up to 90%. 


Why Choose KalyxX?

Easy Installation

KalyxX is easy to install and is maintenance free for 10 years.


No electrical connection required.

Environmental Friendly

Environmentally friendly and chemical free.

Long Time

KalyxX is approved for prolonged contact with drinking water.


Kalyxx IPS technology is a good product wherever we require water conditioning. It works on a fantastic technology in respect to the water parameters on site. Specifiers should definitely look towards this product wherever site conditions allow them to have this technology.

Kartik Kapoor

Director. KK Tech Eco Products pvt. Ltd

A unique and innovative product with distinct advantages. I have this in my villa and so happy that it solved almost every water related problems . I would recommend this to any one who is dependent on chemical driven devices to tackle hard water issues.

Deepak Godhi

Architect, Banglore

 IPS kalyxx is an amazing Anti scaling device, which relieved us off from the hectic scaling issues prevailed in our Gated community Apartments. We had a trial with one block out of the 4 blocks, where it proved very effective and later extended after a month to the balance 3 Blocks. The 2" device was very ideal for one block and costed very negligible to the residents.

Sanel Kumar

 Hyderabad, Telengana

The Possibilities Are Endless

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  • What is IPS Kalyxx?
    IPS Kalyxx are water improvement products from Swiss Aqua Technology The product functions as a mineral descaler. Visit : Swiss Aqua Technologies(SWATEC) Website: to know more!
  • How does IPS Kalyxx Work?
    A new revolutionary system for preventing limescale formation in heaters, pipes, mixers, showers and all equipment through which water flows with certified efficiency up to 76%. IPS use energy of spinning water and electrodes creating a galvanic potential 0.8 – 1.0 V.
  • What does IPS Kalyxx do to the passing water?
    The use of IPS equipment does not disturb the chemical balance of water, only the recrystallization of the contained minerals in a physical way, especially calcium and magnesium, which are a building block for the formation of limescale. This change in the shape of the crystal lattice of the mineral causes it to no longer be able to form hard incrustations on the surfaces, but is washed away by flowing water Only a recrystallization of the water happens!
  • Does IPS Kalyxx use chemicals?
  • Does IPS Kalyxx use electricity or any kind of cell based power?
  • What is the effectiveness of the water passing through IPS.
    72 Hours. IPS technology is designed for immediate use and not long term storage
  • Can IPS Kalyxx be used as a water softener?
    No, IPS functions only as a mineral descaler
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